Art of the Sith

Lewis Leathers is a relatively unknown brand here in the states despite suiting up the most iconic villain in hollywood history. When the first Star Wars began filming, Lucas and the costume designers turned to Britain’s oldest motorcycle leather company (since 1892) to tailor Vader’s iconic leather suit …

The brand was well known to those in the  rock scene and punk movement. Joining Vader’s cast included the sex pistols, the clash, and the Ramones to name a few. 

I found this Lewis Leathers Monza GT jacket from the 70’s in a vintage clothing shop in Shibuya this last trip out to Japan. The owner found it in a motorcycle shop in a town north of London. Unfortunately for me it fit and I had to have it. It was not going to come off my shoulders despite costing more than a brand new Japan Spec Schott Perfecto. 

If Schott was Marlon Brando, Lewis Leathers was Mick Jones, darker… and a bit more sinister. 

The cut sits right above waist level, and as a ridind jacket allowed the rider to not have the front bunch up when tucking in on your bike. 

My 70’s Monza next to my 80’s perfecto

It goes without saying that this is now my favorite leather jacket, slightly edging out my Perfecto collection. This is the basis of my uniform. Leather jacket with denim, slacks or even sweats. Paired with a clean white shirt or vintage t-shirt and you are good to go. It helps if you have a bike though, probably a worthy accessory to pair along with the jacket

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