Curtis C. 1/4/2017

Some quick thoughts on this amazing bike from Ducati.

One of Ducati’s boldest departures from their line up, the X-Diavel is one of the fastest feeling bikes I’ve ever thrown a leg over. And this includes the 1199, and other Ducati superbikes. The seating position coupled with the 1262cc motor makes every pull feel like you are being sucked back further and further as the revs climb. Torque is amazing from 3k all the way to the 10k redline. The low slung frame and riding position would you lead you to believe this thing would not be nimble, but quite the contrary. I could easily flick and carve the bike without picking myself up off the seat much.

Ducati has done a strong push in getting demo bikes into every dealership. Worth hoping on and changing your perspective on what a cruiser is or should be…

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