Moon-Men is a lifestyle based community focused on Men’s fashion, Motorcycles, Travel, and Design with an appreciation for the old and golden.

Our stories and blog’s are inspired by the spirit of the late 50’s to early 70’s.

This golden era gave breath to Modernism. We set our eyes to the skies and sent our bravest to the moon and back. Manufacturers made Goods whose product-life-cycles were measured in lifetimes rather than seasons. And music, art and culture flourished as we broke away from our parents generation of classics.

In the age of the digital and temporary we feel the Moon-Men of yesteryear have been long forgotten. Our single aim is to celebrate the mindset of the classic men of this era.

Stay and hear our stories. We will cover everything that interests us,  ranging from vintage to modern fashion, to the best hidden cocktail bar in Kyoto Japan.

Fly Brave Moon-Men,

-Curtis C.